A Project per Week

I decided to start rotating between personal projects every week because every time i started working on one of them i got bored or ran out of ideas. I will got back to the project in 2 to 3 weeks. During that time I will write down every idea I get for the project and try to implement them when the week of the project comes up. This seems to be working out as I have been trying to code this website for the pass 4 months.

Read More Twig Filter

I created a filter for twig to add a read more link to an article by adding <!-- more --> to the article.

twig, symfony2 4 years ago

Symfony 2 Bundle Best Practice

If symfony 2 bundle is meant to be user by others it shouldn't extend Controller.
symfony2, bookmark 5 years ago


Welcome to my new website. For now I have no idea on how I want the website to look, so for now it will be plain.

This website is powered by symfony 2 and mongodb. I am also using capifony to deploy the website from github to an amazon ec2 instance . The source of the website can be found in github.

php, capifony, mongo, symfony2, github 5 years ago